A Joint Thank-you Letter in Appreciation of Property Management Staff’s Efforts to Help Find a Space for Volunteer Team
Publisher: Release time:2024-04-02

Recently, Binjiang Property received a thank-you letter jointly signed by over 20 residents of The Moon Mansion in Hangzhou. Teacher Yang is the author of the letter. As a part of the residential quarter’s volunteer team, he wrote the letter for and on behalf of all volunteer team members to express their gratitude for Binjiang Property’s dedicated help.

The Moon Mansion

Teacher Yang wrote in the letter, “It is still fresh in my memory that Binjiang Property management team entered into our residential in April 2022. In these two years, I’ve witnessed how Binjiang Property has revitalized the entire residential quarter through its professional services and creditably proved itself to be worthy of its reputation. Thumbs up to you.”

The Moon Mansion

Why did Binjiang Property’s service center at the Moon Mansion receive such a thank-you letter? This is about the newly established volunteer team of the Moon Mansion. The volunteer team was formed to prepare shows and offer daily services to residents in the residential quarter, but it had not been able to find a suitable space for its activities.

Teacher Yang mentioned that in December 2023, without much hope, the volunteer team explained their difficulties to Binjiang Property. However, the property management staff quickly responded to their request and made effective coordination to find them a suitable place, satisfying the recreational needs of the residential quarter. Teacher Yang also mentioned that the volunteer team could always feel the considerate care from the property management team.

The encounter between the property management team and proprietors is also a two-way street, and they describe it as “very lucky”.

There are over 1900 households in the Moon Mansion, and many of the residents are seniors. According to director Nie of the service center, due to the lack of a specially designed space, the senior residents who love singing and dancing often gathered in the underground parking lot, which was neither safe nor good for other residents and was complained about multiple times. Such a situation didn’t change even after the property management staff’s attempts to communicate.

“Given the fact of an aging population in our residential quarter, we should take it seriously and try our best to meet the middle-aged and senior residents’ needs for volunteer services and activities. After receiving Teacher Yang’s request about the volunteer team’s activity venue, the service center and the Area Manager Hua were very aware of the urgency and reality of this problem and immediately organized a discussion,” said director Nie of the service center.

However, it was not an easy task to find a suitable venue for it. The service center proactively contacted the 30 volunteers represented by Teacher Yang to listen to their advice and requirements. The choir in the volunteer team needs to rehearse for 2 hours every afternoon, therefore the venue should be enough to accommodate 30 people for rehearsals without causing disturbances to other residents. After careful investigation, there was no such place overground and underground, which had the property management team stumped.

One week later, while monitoring the renovation of the leisure area on the second floor of a building, the property management team found that there was a space that happened to be outside the renovation plan and big enough for the volunteer team’s rehearsal. Besides, it is quite far from residential buildings, which could guarantee little disturbance to other residents.

The Community is also very supportive of the idea of leaving the space for volunteer team activities. It is good news long expected by everyone. The service center invited the volunteer team to check the venue, and the volunteer team was very satisfied with it. Besides, a small storage room and bright lighting for performance required by the volunteer team were in place the next day under the instruction of the project director.

Volunteer team in the activity hall

Volunteer team’s outdoor performance at the pavilion in the residential quarter

The residents recognize that Binjiang Property has brough much convenience to their lives, and believe that with Binjiang Property’s services, the residential quarter will surely embrace a more harmonious and beautiful tomorrow!

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