“Planting Counts for 30%, Tending Counts for 70%” Binjiang Property Offered Greening Maintenance Training to Guarantee High Greening Quality
Publisher: Release time:2024-04-07
The greening work is more about maintenance than planting, and poor greening maintenance and management in the later stage can cause many problems. For example, failure to conduct timely pest management may lead to serious plant disease; failure to water in time may result in plants’ death from lack of water; and failure to clean weeds promptly can lead to weeds invading the lawn and competing for nutrients and space. Therefore, Binjiang Property offered greening maintenance training to greening managers of various service centers to guarantee the high quality of greening work in each residential quarter.

From March 6th to March 25th, Binjiang Property’s Engineering Technology Department organized the greening maintenance and management training which was attended by project directors and greening managers from the Northern Zhejiang Office, Eastern Zhejiang Office, Central Zhejiang Office, and Southern Zhejiang Office.

The greening lectures were given by Guo Changliang from the Engineering Technology Department. He carefully described the habits of various tropical plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers in different residential quarters served by Binjiang Property, explained the possible time and features of plant diseases and insect pests, elaborated the effective way to control and prevent plant diseases and insect pests and to keep the lawn green throughout the seasons, and answered many other greening issues that concerned trainees.

Tips for lawn maintenance in spring

There are four tips to guarantee lawn maintenance in spring: suppressing the loan to increase the density of soil and roots; watering the lawn adequately in late February to early March, the sooner the better, to ensure enough water for the lawn as it turns green; thinning out dead and excess grass to ensure adequate space for grass growth; fertilizing the lawn with mainly compound fertilizer at the end of February to facilitate the process of turning green and fertilizing again in early April after the lawn turns green.

Tips for lawn maintenance in summer

In hot summer which is not a thriving season for cool-season grasses, watering should be done thoroughly in the morning and evening rather than in the harsh midday sun. In hot weather, it is inappropriate to water the lawn every day, fertilize the lawn, and mow the lawn too short. To keep the lawn lush in summer, proper adjustment is required and the lawn should be 0.5-0.8cm higher than the standard height when mowed. These are all valuable knowledge that Guo Changliang has accumulated over years of lawn maintenance.

Centering on habits and characteristics of plants, key and difficult points of disease and insect pest control, lawn mowing standards, the use norm of greening maintenance devices, and the company’s regulations on greening maintenance quality, the three-hour greening training provided abundant practical knowledge for all trainees.

Post-training examination of Northern Zhejiang Office

Post-training examination of Eastern Zhejiang Office

Training of Central Zhejiang Office

Training of Southern Zhejiang Office

Sharing tips for pruning and maintaining Ligustrum quihoui

Field investigation and sharing

During the field investigation link, Mr. Guo led trainees to a greening site. In line with local conditions, Mr. Guo showed trainees how to dig neat and practical maintenance ditches with a hoe and a trowel. Many trainees also actively followed Mr. Guo’s instructions and tried themselves. Pruning trees on turtleback-like terrain is also an art and requires a higher level of mastering of a large flat scissor. Skillfully using scissors is one of the foundations for pruning round and plumed bushes and trees.

Explaining pruning techniques

Introducing pruning techniques for columnar trees

Explaining maintenance and pruning techniques for Chinese rose

Sharing lawn mowing techniques

Greening maintenance requires persistent and meticulous efforts. The greening maintenance training aims to provide green energy for the high-quality development of the property service, believing that with the joint effort of all greening workers of Binjiang Property, we can expect radiant spring, impassioned summer, splendid autumn, and tranquil winter, and create a beautiful home accompanied by changing landscapes throughout four seasons.

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