On the Train to Spring, We Admire the Gardenlike City and Flowery Home
Publisher: Release time:2024-04-08
In spring

Flowers bloom for you

You come for the flowers

Spring is everywhere

On the train to spring, we admire bountiful flowers blooming along the way, appreciating and being accompanied and delighted by the beauty of plum blossoms, magnolia flowers, cherry blossoms, crabapple blossoms, tulips, and hydrangeas. Residential quarters served by Binjiang Property have turned into flowery gardens filled with spring ambiance. Instead of jostling each other trying to get a better view at scenic spots, it is much more relaxing and pleasant to admire and take photos of colorful spring flowers in own residential quarters at leisure.

Magnolia flowers perceive the arrival of spring early when they are still buds and, together with plum blossoms, symbolizing an upward spring power; the cherry blossoms as light as cloud easily capture the hearts of onlookers; the crabapple blossoms adorn pavilions and terraces and fall as a shower of petals with a sudden soft spring rain; the tulips, with their classical hues resembling oil paintings, fascinate everyone passing by. Peach blossoms and willow twigs are sending Hangzhou’s invitation to everyone to enjoy the spring together.

Shanghai Wisdom Park

By: Mr. Zhao (proprietor)

Hangzhou Myriad Flower Phase I

By: Proprietor

Hangzhou Bofeng Longyue Mansions

By: Mr. Yu (proprietor)

Hangzhou Yunheting Zhuxuan

By: Property Service Center

Hangzhou Lake and View

By: Mr. Cheng (proprietor)

Hangzhou Wulin Waitan

By: Property Service Center

Hangzhou Golden Coast

By: Property Service Center

Shangyu Longshan Villa

By: Property Service Center

Hangzhou Thousand Island Lake

By: Mr. Xiao (proprietor of East Coast in Thousand Island Lake)

Whether in a scenic spot or in a residential quarter, flowers bring us closer to nature. In the embrace of blooming flowers, we write down our feelings as nice as the flowers.

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