A Fruitful Etiquette Training for Binjiang Property’s Stewards – Being a Person of Courtesy, Serving under the Rules of Etiquette
Publisher: Release time:2024-04-12

Confucius said: Without learning ritual, one cannot establish oneself. On the evening of April 8th, 2024, the service centers of Central Mansion Phase I and III invited Ms. Chen Lihua, the Secretary-General of Golden Key China in Hangzhou, to give a training course for their stewards with the theme "Being a Person of Courtesy, Serving under the Rules of Etiquette".

Communication is the key to establishing and maintaining good interpersonal relationships, while etiquette is embodied in every word and deed. Etiquette not only reflects personal qualities and self-cultivation but also has a great impact on interpersonal relationships and career development. From various aspects such as the first impression effect, the eight elements of goodliness, behavior and manner guidance, life etiquette, business etiquette, sense of boundary, and sense of proportion, Ms. Chen Lihua shared rich etiquette-related knowledge with cases given.

With humorous and witty words, Ms. Chen explained everything clearly and systematically. During the interaction link, stewards learned how to keep good posture, facial expressions, and dress code and understood the importance of leaving a good impression through physical appearance.

The sharing of business etiquette offers stewards a new perspective on career development and makes stewards fully realize how conducive professional knowledge about meeting etiquette and business entertainment etiquette is to more confident and appropriate communication with others in their service and to the improvement of service quality and the progress of service work.

“Say useful words in a way that is comfortable for others, and do effective things in a way that is acceptable to others.” Based on her personal experience, Ms. Chen frankly shared the key of communication to opening the door of interpersonal relationships.

“May you live as a beam of light, brightening the world as much as possible no matter if the light is strong or weak.” Many words of Ms. Chen were faithfully recorded by many stewards. In a relaxed and lively atmosphere, stewards gained a lot from this productive training.

After this training, property stewards, aspiring to become gentlemen and ladies, decide to put the knowledge learned into practice and continue to learn and enhance their etiquette skills and improve themselves in the future to serve proprietors better.

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