“Quick Response, High Professionalism, and Strong Sense of Responsibility Make Us Feel Safe”
Publisher: Release time:2024-04-16
Mr. Wang is a resident of Hangzhou Dajiangdong Longrun City. Recently, he wrote a thank-you letter to Binjiang Property in gratitude for the timely help of Longrun City’s property management team.

Property Management Team’s Quick Response to Fire Alarm Brings Sense of Security

At 18:22 that day, Mr. Wang drove his car into the underground parking area C of Longrun City. Just as he was about to reverse into the parking space, he noticed smoke coming from the engine hood on the side of the passenger cab. He hurriedly got out of the car and contacted the property team and 119 immediately. In just about 2 minutes, the property management team members Li Shilin and Gu Aolong as well as the order director Li Yaoping arrived and took instant measures to control the fire.

At 18:27, the open fire was put out by the property management staff. In such an emergent situation, the property management staff took quick action and effectively got the fire under control, ensuring the safety of the scene. In Mr. Wang’s view, the property management staff’s calm and professional response to the fire not only reduced his losses but also safeguarded the safety of other residents in the residential quarter. Mr. Wang also mentioned that the team members also actively helped handle follow-up matters, showing a strong sense of responsibility and a great awareness of service.

This accident, as identified by the fire brigade, was due to an electrical line malfunction of the vehicle igniting combustible materials nearby. Mr. Wang and other residents deeply admire the quick response and professional skills of Longrun City’s order section. “Thanks to your professionalism and responsibility, we feel a strong sense of security,” said Mr. Wang sincerely.

Front-line Binjiang Property staff’s quick response is a result of their sense of responsibility and mission in the face of emergencies. Not long ago, Mr. Ye, a proprietor of Guangxin Mansion in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, also praised the “quick response” and “considerate service” of the property management team with gratitude.

Property Management Team’s Quick Response Facilitated Emergency Medical Rescue

At noon one day, the receptionist Ying Keyi of Shangrao Guangxin Mansion’s service center received an urgent call from Mr. Ye, who stated that his elderly family member was suffering a sudden hemorrhage and was in critical condition. After hearing the news, the order director Mi Chaohua quickly sent the foreman Zhihao Fang and Junwu Zeng to Mr. Ye’s house and, at the same time, ordered gate sentries to contact and coordinate with the 120 ambulance. With the cooperation and assistance of the property management team, the old man was safely transferred onto the ambulance from home by 120 emergency medical team.

The property management team’s quick response saved time for prompt medical treatment for the old man at the hospital.

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