Binjiang Property: Steady Development, Supreme Service
Publisher: Release time:2024-04-22

Hosted by Beijing China Index Information Technology Academy and organized by the China Real Estate TOP 10 Research Team of Beijing China Index Information Technology Academy and the China Property Service Index System, the "Research Results Release of 2024 Top 100 Property Management Companies in China and the 17th Top 100 Chinese Property Management Entrepreneurs Summit" was grandly held in Beijing on April 18th, 2024.

Release of 2024 Top 100 Property Management Companies in China

Hangzhou Binjiang Property Management Company (“hereinafter referred to as “Binjiang Property”) has been honored as the “2024 Top 100 Property Management Company in China” and “2024 Leading Enterprise in High-end Property Service” for its extraordinary business wisdom, remarkable market performance, and excellent service quality.

Binjiang Property’s certificate of award

Expanding Scale, Boosting Performance, and Continuously Deepening Market Layout

In 2023, in addition to the notable breakthroughs in business performance, Binjiang Property has realized exponential growth in its business layout and management scale. The annual business revenue has skyrocketed by 41.7% to 2.81 billion yuan, with steady growth in gross profit, net profit, and profit attributable to shareholders. These impressive financial figures fully demonstrated the efficiency and stability of Binjiang Property’s business operations as well as the continuous improvements of Binjiang Property’s overall profitability.

Changes in business revenue, gross profit, and net profit of Binjiang Property from 2022 to 2023

The continuous expansion of Binjiang Property’s management scale is a major contribution to the continuous improvement of its business performance. By the end of 2023, the area managed by Binjiang Property has increased by 30.7% compared to the previous year, reaching 54.8 million square meters; at the same time, the contracted area has also achieved a growth of 19.0% and reached 82.2 million square meters. These growths not only highlight Binjiang Property's extensive recognition and strong competitiveness in the market, but also lay a solid foundation for its future development.

Changes in the management area of Binjiang Property from 2022 to 2023

On the basis of steady development, Binjiang Property continues to deepen its presence in the Yangtze River Delta region with a strong brand image and high service quality. Through a variety of channels such as strategic cooperation, establishment of joint ventures, and direct expansion of stock projects, Binjiang Property takes active actions to expand its market and has managed contracted projects in 19 cities in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guangdong, and Hainan and developed 19 strategic partners including government agencies, state-owned enterprises, and developers as of the end of 2023, creating more market opportunities and earning larger development space for itself.

High-quality or external projects

Building a Warm Home and Preparing for the Asian Games with Quality Service

In 2023, adhering to the philosophy of “Hearty Service, Loving Home”, Binjiang Property was committed to creating a quality and harmonious community environment. In the fever of preparing the city for the Hangzhou Asian Games, every Binjiang Property employee has demonstrated a high level of professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility.

Despite the scorching and dazzling summer sunlight, the gate sentries of Binjiang Property stuck to their posts, standing straight and saluting proprietors with the best posture and the best service; the greening and cleansing workers started their work early, carefully watering every plant and caring for every inch of land in residential quarters; and the engineers were busy around residential quarters, inspecting and maintaining facilities and equipment to ensure the normal operation of residential quarters.
In addition to daily property management services, Binjiang Property also collaborated with the Community to carry out fire fighting drills to enhance proprietors’ ability to respond to sudden fires, foster a sense that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure fire safety, and improve both fire safety awareness and living experience of proprietors.

Binjiang Property has always adhered to providing property management services of better and better quality and has gained unanimous praise from proprietors. Their efforts have contributed to not only resident’s comfortable living experience but also the harmonious development of Communities.

Colorful Cultural Activaties and Warm Elderly Care

With excellent service quality, Binjiang Property not only excels in creating a warm and harmonious living experience for proprietors, but also shows its unique charm in the planning of festival and sports activities and elderly care.

In 2023, Binjiang Property actively organized various festival activities such as New Year blessings, lion and dragon dances, and making tangyuan and mooncakes, effectively enriching the spiritual lives of proprietors, enhancing the communication and interaction between proprietors, and improving the cohesion and cultural atmosphere of the community.

To promote the spirit of Asian Games sportsmanship in every community, Binjiang Property has carefully planned a series of large-scale sports activities for proprietors with the theme of "With Lively Binjiang, Embrace the Asian Games". From the "National Fitness Season" to the “I’m a Swimmer” swimming contest for young proprietors, “Tiderip Carnival”, table tennis contest, and photography competition, every activity is fun and full of excitement. These activities fully satisfied the diverse needs of proprietors, enabling them to have a colorful sports experience in the year of the Asian Games.

In the aspect of elderly care, in the face of the increasingly aging society, Binjiang Property is paying more and more attention to the elderly group. Since the launch of the "Ginkgo Service" plan for the elderly in November 2022, Binjiang Property has been carrying out a series of activities on a regular basis, aiming to pass on the national culture of respecting, honoring, and loving the elderly and provide thoughtful and considerate services for elderly proprietors, ensuring that every elderly proprietor can live a happy and healthy later life. During the Double Ninth Festival, Binjiang Property specially sent their festival greetings and planned a series of caring activities such as making longevity noodles, protecting health, sending Double Ninth cakes, offering cleaning service, and ensuring safety. In addition, Binjiang Property's "Tiderip Carnival" parent-child sports games with the theme of "With Lively Binjiang, Embrace the Asian Games" allowed the elderly to have more interaction with their grandchildren, which not only strengthens the emotional bond between family members but also boosts the vitality and passion of the elderly.

Noise Reduction with Digital and Intelligent Technology

Technology has injected a strong impetus into the creation of a "Tranquil Home". With the support of Hangzhou Myriad Star Community, the service center of Myriad Star has introduced directional audio equipment, which not only meets the exercise needs of square dancing enthusiasts but also effectively controls the transmission of sound and guarantees a quiet environment for surrounding proprietors. At the same time, the installation of noise monitors can monitor whether the noise exceeds the decibel limit in real-time and display a "Volume Down" alert to remind residents to consciously comply with noise regulations. In addition, the noise monitoring points are also set up by the Community to enhance the precision and digital intelligence of noise pollution prevention and control relying on noise maps, noise tracing, and other information technology.


In 2023, Binjiang Property has taken firm steps to significantly improve its service quality, achieve breakthroughs in innovative governance models, and extend its brand influence, and has created a comfortable environment for proprietors. Looking ahead, Binjiang Property aims to become a leading brand and quality benchmark of the property service industry and will continue to fulfill its service philosophy of "Hearty Service, Loving Home" and forge ahead to further expand its business territory, actively explore new markets, and guarantee stable and solid development of the company. Meanwhile, Binjiang Property will keep on improving its service quality, organizing more cultural activities, and enhancing the integration of technology to lead the industry with smart property service and provide more convenient and efficient service for proprietors. Binjiang Property is striving to paint a splendid future together with proprietors hand in hand.

Source: China Index Academy
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