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Publisher: Release time:2024-04-29

Binjiang Property is now exploring the right track to promote high-quality development. With goals and beliefs in their hearts, the frontline Binjiang Property staff adhere to high service quality standards, not only embodying their professionalism, standardization, and humanity but also reflecting their mission and responsibility in their work. They protect the homes of proprietors and, with a strong sense of social responsibility and mission, safeguard the city, providing high-level security to promote the high-quality development of the property service.

Hangzhou Star Mansion
Theft Prevention

In the early hours of one morning, Cai Chao, the foreman of Hangzhou Star Mansion’s order team, was patrolling the residential quarter when he found two people stealing from the supermarket.

To protect the property safety of the supermarket, Cai Chao took decisive action, calling the patroller to lock the north gate and reporting to 110. Panicked by the sudden change of the situation, the two thieves attempted to escape on a motorcycle. However, due to the north gate being locked by the property management staff in advance, they could only climb over the gate, leaving behind all the stolen stuff. The police arrived soon after receiving the report, and through preliminary investigation, it was estimated that they recovered over 100,000 yuan in losses for the supermarket owner.

Cai Chao’s gallantry rise to the occasion helped build a solid security line for the residential quarter and highlighted the mission and responsibility of frontline Binjiang Property staff.

Shaoxing Jiayuan Yuecheng
Fire Fighting

In the early hours of the morning, the smoke sensor in a shop at Shaoxing Jiayuan Yuecheng sounded an alarm suddenly. Wei Pengfeng, the order team foreman, rushed to the shop immediately and found thick smoke coming out of the shop. After reporting to his superior and getting instructions, he calmly and decisively took action. He first broke the lock with a hydraulic cutter and then rushed into the shop and extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher. Simultaneously, he also used the fire hose to divert the sprinkler water outside, controlling the fire and preventing the goods from waterlogging at the same time. With his efforts, the fire was finally put out.

By the time the shop owner arrived, the whole fire accident had been properly dealt with. The property management team’s swift fire-fighting action saved the shop from economic losses, fulfilling the team’s mission to safeguard the security of everyone’s home.

Hangzhou Binlv Tower
Ring Retrieval

One afternoon, Yu Haonan, a customer service worker of Hangzhou Binlv Tower, received an urgent help call from a proprietor who accidentally dropped a ring of special significance down the sink while washing hands.

Yu Haonan who always worries about the worries of proprietors immediately notified the engineering director Chen Qi to come with professional tools to locate the lost ring. Due to the tricky location, it was not easy to retrieve the ring. Chen Qi and Yu Haonan worked together, and it took almost an hour for Chen Qi to finally take out the ring, during which Yu Haonan reassured the proprietor and kept the proprietor informed of the progress. After taking out the ring, Yu Haonan cleaned it and returned it to the proprietor.

The retrieved ring embodying the professionalism of Binjiang Property staff fulfilled the proprietor’s wish, restored the proprietor’s good mood, and also reminded the proprietor to cherish what things around him.

Hangzhou Binjiang Youth & Children’s Palace
Do Good Deeds No Matter How Trivial They Are

Recently, Hu Fuming, a gate sentry of Hangzhou Binjiang Youth & Children’s Palace received a thank-you letter from Ms. Ma in praise of his good deed. Ms. Ma lost her mobile phone when accompanying her child to class. When she returned to the Children’s Palace at 12:00 am that night to look for her phone, she met Hu Fuming, a Binjiang Property worker on duty. Hu comforted Ms. Ma and helped search for the phone with Ms. Ma in the night. The next day, Hu did another search and contacted Ms. Ma immediately after he found the phone. Ms. Ma said that she very much agreed with the ancient saying, “Do good deeds no matter how trivial they are”, and was very touched by those seemingly ordinary acts and warm words.

There was another time when a septuagenarian with Alzheimer’s disease couldn’t find her way home after leaving the Youth and Children’s Palace, the gate sentry Hu Fuming who is also an e vigilant of Changhe Subdistrict offered prompt assistance, contacting the elderly lady’s family and staying by her side until her family came and brought her back. Hu Fuming’s good deeds out of his kindness earned him praise and commendation from the Changhe Police Station.
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